PCISA Contacts


PCISA Office:

United States Sailing Center
5489 E. Ocean Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90803-4405
Phone: 562.433.7939
Fax: 562.433.3668
E-mail: mikesego@ussclb.org

PCISA Officers:

  President: Aaron Feves   aaronfeves@gmail.com
  Executive Director/Treasurer: Mike Segerblom 562-433-7939 mikesego@ussclb.org

PCISA Board Members:

  San Diego John Reiter   johnreiter5@gmail.com
  Newport Beach David Dahl   dadahl3@cox.net
  Long Beach Mike Segerblom 562.433.7939 mikesego@ussclb.org
  Cabrillo Beach Aaron Feves   aaronfeves@gmail.com
  Santa Barbara Nick Kaschak    
  NorCal Bay Area Renee Corpuz-Lahne   coach@sausalitoyachtclub.org
  NorCal Bay Area Matt Sessions   mcsessions@gmail.com
  NorCal East Bay David Lively   adrenalinejunkie@gmail.com
  President Emeritus Tim Hogan   tim@hoganedgcomb.com
  Advisory Person Bill Wakeman    

PCISA Representatives to the ISSA Board:

  District Director Aaron Feves   aaronfeves@gmail.com
  District Director Mike Segerblom 562.433.7939 mikesego@ussclb.org

PCISA Website:

  Internet Coordinator Mike Segerblom 562.433.7939 mikesego@ussclb.org
  Webmaster Steve Harris   steve@etrackit.com 

ISSA Office:

  2812 Canon Street
San Diego, CA  92106
  Phone: 619.222.0252    
  Fax: 619.222.0528    
  ISSA Email: info@hssailing.org    
  ISSA Web Site: www.hssailing.org