NorCal League

Upcoming Events

Date Event NOR
4/21-22/2018 Gold PCCs NOR
4/21-22/2018 Silver PCCs NOR
4/28-29/2018 Team Race PCC’s- Baker Elims NOR
5/12-13/2018 Mallory Doublehanded Championship NOR
5/12-13/2018 Phebe King Memorial Regatta NOR
5/26-27/2018 Baker Team Race Championship NOR


  • The NorCal League is comprised of more than fifty active High School teams, sailing out of a dozen yacht clubs, sailing centers or park districts in Northern California.
  • If you have any questions about High School sailing in the NorCal League, please contact Renee Corpuz-Lahne.

For information regarding the conduct of the NorCal League One-day and Two-day regattas, please see the following links: