SoCal League

Upcoming Events

Date Event NOR
9/23-24/2017 PCISA Singlehanded PCCs NOR
10/14-15/2017 PCISA 1/5 - Sea Otter NOR
10/21-22/2017 PCISA Girl’s Invitational NOR
10/21-22/2017 PCISA Keelboat Qualifier NOR
10/28-29/2017 Cressy Singlehanded National Championship
11/4/2017 PCISA SoCal #2 NOR
11/11-12/2017 PCISA 2/5 – Anteater
11/11-12/2017 Atlantic Coast Championship NOR
11/18-19/2017 High School Keelboat Regatta
12/10/2017 PCISA SoCal #3 NOR


The SoCal League is comprised of thirty-nine active High School teams, sailing out of a dozen yacht clubs, sailing centers or park districts in Southern California.

If you have any questions about the SoCal regatta format, or about any aspect of High School sailing in the SoCal League, please contact David Lynn.