PCISA By-laws

of the
(as approved at the 9/18/05 annual membership meeting of PCISA)


Article I. Name
The name of the organization shall be the Pacific Coast Interscholastic Sailing Association (PCISA).

Article II. Objective
The objective of the Association shall be to further the sport of sailing among secondary schools in the Pacific Coast district of the Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA) and to organize and schedule competition for these schools using standard rules and procedures.

Article III. Membership
Section 1. Any schools within the Pacific Coast district of the ISSA in compliance with all of the requirements of these By-laws and the PCISA Rules shall be a Member School. 
Section 2. Each Member School must complete, annual ISSA and PCISA Membership Forms including a complete team roster and pay dues.

Article IV. Leagues
Section 1. PCISA shall be organized into the following geographical leagues:
1. Northern California (generally schools north of Santa Barbara).
2. Southern California (generally schools from, and including, Santa Barbara south).
3. Hawaii (generally schools from Hawaii).
Section 2. The Board of Directors shall assign member schools to the appropriate league.

Article V. Officers
Section 1. Officers shall be selected from the Board of Directors.
Section 2. There shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Section 3. The President or his designee shall also serve as the PCISA representative to ISSA.
Section 4. The Vice President shall serve as President in his/her absence.
Section 5. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the management of the daily finances of the PCISA under the direction of the Board.
Section 6. The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall also serve on an Executive Committee formed by the Board of Directors that shall be comprised of the four Officers and three additional Directors.  The Executive Committee shall be empowered by the Board of Directors to be responsible for the regular business of PCISA between meetings of the Board.
Section 7. All Officers and members of the Executive Committee shall be appointed by, and serve at the discretion of, the Board of Directors.
Section 8. The normal term of all officers shall be two years.

Article VI. Board of Directors
Section 1. PCISA shall be governed by a Board of Directors.
Section 2. The Board shall be made up of between eight and fifteen Directors.
Section 3. The normal term of a Director shall be two years.
Section 4. One half of the Directors shall be nominated by the Board each year and approved as a slate by a majority of the Members at the Annual Meeting.  The other half shall be nominated and approved in the same manner in alternate years so that no more than one half of the Board will turnover in any one year.
Section 5. Vacancies on the Board occurring mid-term shall be filled by the Board of Directors.
Section 6. In the nomination process and in filling vacancies an effort shall be made to select Directors in a manner calculated to provide for representation on the Board of each of the areas with the PCISA (i.e. San Diego, Newport Beach, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Palo Alto, Marin, Richmond, Oakland and two for Hawaii).
Section 7. The Board of Directors shall have regular meeting twice annually (“Regular Meeting”).  Any three Directors may call a special meeting of the Board of Directors. The Directors requesting a special meeting must give on less than 7 days notice to all members of the Board of the time, place and subject of the special meeting.
Section 8. At any meeting a majority of the then serving Directors shall constitute a quorum.
Section 9. Any action that can be taken by the Board of Directors at a meeting of the Board may also be taken by unanimous consent of the directors in lieu of a meeting.
Section 10. In addition to the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors may create as many subcommittees or working groups as the Board sees fit, and delegate to said subcommittee or working group the authority the Board feels is appropriate. Except that financial authority shall rest exclusively in the Board and no committee, subcommittee or individual Director shall have authority to spend money or otherwise obligate PCISA financially.

Article VII. Membership Meetings
Section 1. Membership Meetings. The Member Schools shall have a regular meeting annually (“Annual Membership Meeting”). The Annual Membership Meeting shall be held at a time and place selected by the President and noticed through publication via the PCISA District Email Distribution System..
Section 2. Business. At the Annual Membership Meeting the President shall make a report to the Member schools on the business of PCISA and plans for the upcoming year.  The President shall also present the slate of Directors nominated by the Board for approval by the Members. Each Member School present shall have one vote.
Section 3.  The President shall run all PCISA meetings.

Article VIII.  Dues
Section 1. Member schools shall pay annual dues, in addition to the ISSA dues, in an amount to be set by the Board of Directors from time to time.
Section 2. To be eligible to sail in any PCISA fall event, dues must be received by the President, or his appointee before the event.
Section 3. Dues shall be used for the benefit of PCISA in the discretion of the Board of Directors. The Board shall have the right to authorize any Officer to expend money in that Officer’s discretion.

Article IX. Rules
PCISA, acting through its Board of Directors, shall adopt rules to govern its administration and competition, including rules related to disciplining a competitor or team. The Rules may be adopted and amended, from time to time, by majority vote of the Board of Directors.  Participation in a PCISA event shall be deemed a Member school’s knowledge, understanding and agreement to abide by the PCISA and ISSA rules on behave of the Member School and all of its students staff, representatives and parents. 

Article X. Amendments
These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the Directors at a properly called meeting.