PCISA CFJ Sails for Sale at Discounted Price

Posted on April 16, 2018


PCISA is selling its 64 sets of CFJ Sails that were purchased from North Sails in 2014 and have been used for all major PCISA Regattas for the past 4 years. The sails are still in good condition. New sets of North CFJ Sails of this type currently retail for $970 plus tax & shipping. These sails can be picked up from the US Sailing Center-Long Beach, CA and/or Encinal Yacht Club after the Gold & Silver PCCs on April 22, 2018.

Money from the sale of these sails will help fund the purchase of new PCISA District CFJ sails (arriving this Spring - 2018) and in the future. 

Use the link below to purchase these sails online. Use of this form to purchase sails requires immediate payment by Credit Card. Sales are final. Based on time stamp of Credit Card processing these sails are sold on a 1st come 1st serve basis until 45 sets are sold (others have already been sold). If more than 45 sets of sails are sold before this order form is disabled, purchasers with later time stamps will be refunded.

$300 each set (Main and Jib in Sailbag). Battens Included. No Jib Sheets.


Questions Contact: Michael Segerblom, mikesego@ussclb.org